Safety And Lighting

Lighting serves a lot of different purposes.  One of the most important purposes is security.  When we walk in the dark, we are putting ourselves in a vulnerable situation.  When walking in the dark we could easily trip and fall over something that we can’t see.  We can get lost by not seeing where it is we are going and when walking in the dark we can’t see if there is anyone out there to do us harm.  As a result, it is important that there be adequate commercial lights in Temecula CA so that we can see when out at night.

commercial lights in Temecula CA

Lighted parking lots

When out at night make sure that you are parked in a well-lit parking lot.  Many parking lots such as malls and shopping centers will have a lot of light making it easy to navigate through to your car.  These lights are typically activated at dusk and are triggered by the lack of light.

Be aware of your surroundings

When walking in a dark or even a lit area make sure that you are aware of your surroundings.  Many of us who travel in a familiar pattern will tend to let our guards down.  When walking from your car to work and from work to your car the last thing that you are thinking of is engaging in trouble.  However, this is when we are truly vulnerable. 

When looking around your surroundings see if there are others walking around.  See if they are walking towards you or away.  Smell the air and see if you are picking up on any unusual smalls or aromas.  When you walk do you hear anything like an unfamiliar car or someone coughing in the distance. 

When it comes to your safety it is vital that you take control.  Staying in the light is the first step to your protection, what you do next will determine how effective this is.

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