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Fun Facts About Golf

Whether you are a newbie just experiencing the greens for the first time or a well advanced golfer, there’s always new information available to learn about the game of golf. If you’re searching for fun, interesting facts about this popular game, you’ve come to the right place. Before you head out to the great Palm Springs golf courses for your sports action, take a look at a few fun facts about golf.

·    About 25% of the world’s golfers are women.

·    During the early 16th century, golf balls were made out of wood.

·    There Are 336 dimples on an American golf ball. Yes, someone counts them!

·    Because hot air is less dense than cool air, balls travel faster in warmer weather.

·    20% of all golfers have a par below 18. They’re known as Bogey Golfers.

·    Golf is one of two sports that has been played in space. Alan Shephard, during the Apollo 13 mission, took a golf ball with him. He was the first person to play golf in another world!

·    An 18-hole golf course is approximately 4-miles long.

·    Michael Austin made the longest drive ever recorded at 515 yards. This shot was made during the 1974 U.S. Seniors Tournament.

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·    Want to shed a few pounds? It is time to golf! The typical golfer burns more than 400 calories during the standard game.

·    The game of golf was invented more than 500 years ago. It is said to have originated in Scotland, although China takes claim to the game.

·    Golf is a game that Americans love. In fact, they spent more than $500 million on golf balls alone in 2016.

Golf is an amazing no-contact spot for players of all ages. Hopefully the facts above have provided you with useful information that helps you enjoy the game a little more than you already would.