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Bye Bye ‘Table tent printing’ hassles, Hello cheap club flyers!!

Are you eager to advertise your product? Are you worried at the same time because television commercials are very expensive and you don’t have the money to finance your advertisement? Is ‘yes’ your answers to all these questions? Well then worry no more. Because a very cheap and a very effective way of advertising has been introduced that is not only cost effective, but also a great source of marketing and advertising various products. One of these sources is the ‘Club flyers. Yes who would’ve thought a piece of paper with something written on it would come in handy someday, but guess what? It just did.

Club flyers basically represent the description or the nature of the product that is being marketed or advertised. It is small in size; its size can be compared to that of a postcard. With club flyers, the hassle of mailing it to people is avoided, instead, a club flyer is handed out individually to people or is dropped down from the gates of people’s houses or in some cases it is stuck in between the vipers and the windscreens of cars.

Wide variety of choices

A club flyer can be printed on any kind of paper, although a thick and a good quality paper is preferred but it is not a requirement. Good quality paper costs more hence people usually go for cheap club flyers, which use paper of average quality. In the opinion of real advertisers, quality doesn’t matter as long as the club flyer meets the requirements of the advertiser.

Attract Customers

 The basic aim of a club flyer is to grab the attention of the reader. This can be done by a couple of ways, for example, using a lot of colors in the club flyer, using graphics instead of plain text. The use of visual aid such as relevant images also takes the club flyer to the next level. A club flyer does not provide much detail about the product, only a vague description, just to attract the buyers.

You imagine, we create

As science has progressed, so has the world. The demands of the consumers change on a daily basis. People are always looking for something new, something unique. That’s when the ‘table tents’ were introduced. A table tent is a promotional material that is self-standing. A table tent is very similar to a club flyer since they both promote a product.

Club flyers or Table tents?

 The only difference is that a club flyer when placed on a surface, cannot be placed vertically and it just lies on its back where as a table tent can be placed upright on surfaces.  The purpose of a table tent is similar to that of a club flyer, to promote a product. It is usually used in restaurants and customer care centers of various organizations. But you cannot print table tents on any kind of paper. The paper for a table tent has to be hard and of good quality for a table tent to be placed upright. That’s why the table tent printing is a tad bit expensive as compared to the cheap club flyer printing.

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